Saturday, July 6, 2013

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - BETA

So I had an opportunity to beta test the new Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (FFXIV), this & last weekend. I had played the original FFXIV for a very short time. Both games are a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game). This type of game allows you to play with people around the world to accomplish tasks within the game. Since it's social, you get to meet people and have fun. You also encounter the hardcore gamers who are all about hardcore gaming; only seeking folks like themselves. 

The original FFXIV startup was very displeasing. You are thrust into battle without knowing what the hell was going on and had to keep two in-game characters alive. I started that game twice. This new version is completely different. The opening story is different. You can suffice it to say, this new one is a completely new story and game.

What I liked:
1. Like all the FF games, I love the graphics. Square Enix make kick ass graphics.
2. Scenery is beautiful. The world is beautiful.
3. The game seems like it is built for both the casual gamer and the hardcore gamer. You can play alone too. From what I tested, it doesn't have to be a time sink.
4. Quests now give experience points.
5. Quest people have tells. Map on the screen. Some of the same functions from FFXI carries thru to this game. All this makes the game a bit smoother.

What I didn't like:
1. So far nothing.

The characters from the game are similar to FFXI. There are Hyur (humans), Elezen (elvaans), Roegadyn (galkas and has a female version), Miqo'te (Mithras and has a male version) and the cute little Lalafell (Tarutaru). 

In FFXI, I was Elvaan. In XIV I chose to be a Mithra. I hope the normal assumption in XI that Mithra girls are really guys do not apply. Hopefully guys will pick the male version. 

Gameplay is pretty easy with onscreen assistance. I don't know if they will be on in the final version of the game. They may be just for the beta so people know what to do. There a lot of stuff on the screen too. The macros of old are now on the bottom of the screen too. 

My husband and I are thinking of maybe joining the game when it's full time. I'm also hoping I get to keep my character from all the betas to the live game. 

If you are looking for me in the future, I'll be on the Cactuar server. Most people know me as Tigerkirara on XI. My name is Tigerkirara Junkie on XIV. This goes to show that I'm married to the guy who's surname on is also Junkie. 

I used to have a blog dedicated to my adventuring in FFXI, but I don't think I will for XIV. I'll probably post them here on this blog. This blog us all about gaming & technology. Just look for the tag, FFXIV for all posts related to the game.  Until next time. 

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