Monday, December 31, 2012

Finishing 2012, Starting 2013 - The List

Another year is finishing and I must say it was a very interesting year. So much has happened this year. I can look back at it with much fondness and melancholy. Overall, 2012 was year of some major milestones in my life.

Accomplished in 2012:

  • Got a story published in an Anthology Book with my GoodReads group "Paranormal & Horror Lovers" called All The Lovely Creatures. You can download the book here.
  • I got married to the most wonderful man in the world (besides my daddy). 
  • Took 2 classes in Japanese to learn the basic grammar and language. If you are in New York City, take classes at the Japanese Society. Classes are nice, small and intimate. Join them here.
  • I obtained a new client for my personal business, thanks to my mom. Small businesses and individuals that need tax and accounting, you can email me here. Only serious inquiries please.
  • Attended my first blogging convention, BlogHer '12. 
With such accomplishments, makes my plans for the new year. I hope to at least double my accomplishments by the end of next year. I don't do New Year resolutions. I am more of a goal oriented woman. I make plans and tackle them. I can't say, "as of Jan 1st, I'm not going to eat sweets any more". That's not going to happen. I may work on my health during the year, but not quit things cold turkey. That's how you relapse. That's just my opinion. 

Plans for 2013:
  • To build my website for my personal business website
  • To publish a novella for my main protagonist. This should help me see if my character is loved enough to continue on with her novel. I love this character and hope the world will love her too. 
  • To read more books. I have gotten away from reading this past year. I've read books but not nearly as much as I used to. I may do GoodRead Yearly challenge. (I know link is for 2012, they haven't changed the date yet.)
  • To blog more. Can you believe in 2011 I posted 64 posts and 2012 a meager 38 posts? I am quite disappointed in myself. 
  • Travel
  • Renovate portions of my house
  • Continue my natural journey
  • To continue to work on my health (not like anything is detrimentally wrong with me.) It's always good to make sure you maintain your health. 
This is my official list to keep me on track. Let's see what I can accomplish 2013.
What do you want to accomplish in 2013? Leave me a comment with your plans and I will see if I can help you accomplish it or work on it together. 

To All:

May you and your family have a health, wealth and happiness!!!!

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