Friday, October 12, 2012

A New Anthology: All The Lovely Creatures is out Now

All The Lovely Creatures, was published yesterday, 10/11/12, by B.C. Sirrom and edited by authors from the GoodReads group, Paranormal and Horror Lovers. Obeah Love Affair, my short story, is included.

What is a vampire to do when her family is threatened just to get to her?

Anthology includes stories by:
S.J. Bell
Charlotte Dhark
Lisa Goldman
C.C. Hartley (me)
Mark Mackey
Rebecca Nolan
B.C. Sirrom
L.M. Smith

Art Work by:
Emily Joyner

Forward by:
Jennifer Rainey

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I'd love to hear what you thought about the book or my story, leave me a comment and I will love to discuss it.


C. C. Hartley

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Aerin Ravage said...

I read your story tonight! I know I said I was going to dive in like two weeks ago and I wish I had! I really liked yours, especially the cultural tie in of Obeah and the way the family was involved.

Any plans for fleshing it out? I'd like to hear more about the significance of Obeah in Jamaican family and culture as told through exciting stories!

Tiger's Lair said...

Thanks. I don't really know if I'm going to continue on Obeah deeply, but it will come up again. The anthology was about Creatures we normally don't read or hear about.

However, Madison is my main protagonist in my novel I've been writing. I have short writing about her in the writing section of my blog if you are interested.