Friday, December 28, 2012

The Pervert Next Door

I moved back to NY in 2001, 5 months before 9/11. I was in my 20s and still in fighting shape (better shape than I am now). Upon my arrival, my neighbor next door to me would always say hello. I would be polite back and say hello back. Every now and then we'd make small talk about music and movies. His wife is nice.

Throughout the years I would catch him watching me. You know the look. The one where he's practically undressed you with his eyes. I still didn't pay any attention to him. Why would I? He had never made any moves on me at this time. He looked at my BFF a lot too since she was living with us at that point. We nicknamed him "Pervert".

Once everyone moved out and I was left by myself, the advances started. He would catch me in my backyard unexpectedly. I didn't cower or be afraid. I continued being myself and living my life. I stopped being very cordial with him though. I was still friendly with his wife though. He still continue to try  to talk to me. He got me once and I asked him "what about your wife? Don't you feel bad about trying to step out in her?". He bluntly said it's not like he hasn't before. I immediately felt that he was a predator at that point. I thought he was just a pervert who just got thrills by hitting on younger women. This man was much creepier.

My brother ended up moving in with me. His overt advances stopped. Then the covert ones started. He invited me and my brother to events. I would turn all invitations down. I told my brother to stay away from him and he was not good people. Then war started. He would go on my property and I would say something to him and his wife. I didn't care. This was his way to get me to talk to him. It worked for a while. It stopped when my husband moved in with me. Soon afterwards I dropped a note telling him if his vehicles are on my property without permission it would be towed on his dime. Then he stopped talking to me. Yep it took me getting married to get him to leave me alone. My husband has given him cordial salutations knowing what he has done to me. He wouldn't even respond back. My husband would say he was a weird creepy guy.

One night this year, I was home alone (brother and hubby were at work) I was dead asleep when a blood curdling screaming coming from next door. It was pervert's wife. So I did what was necessary and called the police. I was petrified that pervert was going to come after me. Took me a day or 2 to get over it. Apparently he's been beating her for years. This however was only the icing on the cake.

I was at work when my husband text me that "Pervert" was arrested for having sex with an under-aged girl! I was happy that finally something had finally happened to him. He will meet some justice. He made it to the NY Post (article here).  He even made it to (post here). He's gotten notoriety now. He's exposed for being a pervert. His little secrets are no longer. NYC at least knows that he's a sex offender.

I do feel bad about how this played out for his wife though. She has had to know for years that this man was no good. I am also sure that this young girl is not the only girl out there. I wish they would just come forward and let the world know that this man is no good. As I finish this post, he is home on bail. 

Since his arrest, I've had nightmares about him. This post has been my way of purging my inner demon. I want to thank you for reading this post. But it has made my chest and mind lighter. Now if my other demons could get exorcised, I'd fly high like a kite. 

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