Sunday, October 28, 2012

Question #1 - Aerin of Siren

I decided to ask me my Twitter followers to ask me questions. This is for them to get to know me a little.
So far I have received the following question:

Well Aerin, here's my answer.

First Favorite:
 "Make you Feel My Love" by Adele

This song is a cover. The song has been covered numerous times. I love Adele's version though. I love her voice. She by far one of the best singers around. The reason why this song is special to me is that it was my first dance with my husband at my wedding. It will always be a special part of my heart and my life.

Second Favorite:
"Walking in Memphis" by Marc Cohn

This song has been covered numerous times too. Marc Cohn's voice is perfect for the song. Cher's cover sucks. I just love the bluesy and emotional feel of the song when Cohn sings it. It just sends my heart to peace.

Third Favorite: 
"One Love" by Bob Marley

This song is the national song of Jamaica. It is also part of my heritage. So this song makes me feel connected to my culture. It also makes me feel all lovey dovey. It's a warm and positive song. We all need positive vibes in life. This song does make one want to grab the person next to you and give them a nice big hug.

Well Aerin, I  hope you like the answers.


Aerin Ravage said...

This was *exactly* what I was hoping for! Now, if I could figure out how to scare up more responses! Thank you so much! ^^

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