Sunday, October 28, 2012

Co-Habitation Before Marriage?

Lately I've been doing a lot of twitter reading. I find Twitter better than Facebook. I follow a this blogger Uncommonchick. Every now and then one of her articles pique my interest. One day, she had a post about Co-Habitation before marriage. You can check out the article here.

I decided to read the article and comment on it. Here's my comment.

I lived with my husband for a year before we got married. He moved in Aug 2010, he proposed Sept 2011 and we were married Jun 2012. We are newlyweds yes. However, when he moved in I wasn’t thinking about married. I was the “I’m never getting married” girl. I had no issues with having a long term relationship. He was moving to my state from another so I let him move in with me. I was nervous because I could’ve made a HUGE mistake. In the end, he moved in with me so if worse came to worse I could kick him out. That was my logic then. When he did move in. We meshed immediately. We found out how similar our living styles were. How we both handle money. He’s a bit more frugal than me. Getting married prior, was never on my mind. I wasn’t planning on it. My parents were, but not me. Now I can’t think of not living with him. I really didn’t have to change who I am and he didn’t change.
I digressed. I think it is an absolute necessity to move in together prior marriage. You learn whether you really are compatible and can handle the daily issues together. Dating living separate vs dating living together is very different. You don’t get a full picture of the person. Once he leaves you, you have no idea what he up to. It’s a whole different world when you share space.
I am pro for living together before you marry.


Aerin Ravage said...

Heya! I posted one too, as we have a history with cohabiting as well... TL;DR version: wound up getting a deal on an apartment just under a year before the wedding despite her father's objections. And as you point out, it really highlights where the compatibility is and what might need mutual adjusting for.

I don't usually give marriage advice to people (aside from marry your best friend) but I'd easily recommend vacationing overnight.

Tiger's Lair said...

If I read this article prior Jason. I wouldn't have agreed. But I guess living with my hubby, my views changed.

I wouldn't recommend it to everyone. But I live putting my thoughts out there.