Friday, March 2, 2012

Wedding Plans - Part 5

I held off on blogging my plans for a while because I had a planning trip coming up. Well my trip has come and gone, so now I have ample amount of stuff to discuss. The trip was over President's weekend. I didn't realize that when I booked my flight in December. No wonder airfare was ridiculous to find. We had to fly Delta, not fun or comfortable. At least they have leather seats.

On with planning.......

1. Ceremony

The ceremony is nearly complete. I had our planning meeting with another tour of the 2 gardens, just in case I wanted to switch. I have the Grand garden. Heritage has an incline that I don't care to walk down and it has a bit more greenery. It does match my esthetic.

Only left for the ceremony is to find songs for me to walk down the isle in & the recessional song.

2. Photography

I am still using the venue. It's the stress free way. At least I don't have to deal with Bro-in-law.

3. Honeymoon

Since we couldn't afford Bora Bora, we have settled with Hawaii. We were also thinking about doing a cruise around Hawaii instead of staying on the main land. However, we can't do the cruise since it leaves on the Saturday. Not able to get there on time. So we are looking at staying on the islands.

4. Guest List

This is done. It still a sort of contention when it comes to my mother. She just wants to control my list. She needs to to back off and respect my wishes. Just waiting for the day she calls JH to harass him about it.

I am having sort of a back up list for those who do not come. So I am looking at other people who I want.

5. Invitations

I combed thru 3 websites for invitations and I also had found a paper place in the city where we can create our own invitations. After price comparisons, it was cheaper to use one of the websites. I tried the following sites:

We narrowed the samples down to 2 invitations we liked. This is our first choice.

 And this is second choice.

 However the 1st choice does not come in our wedding colors. So we went with our second choice. We are waiting for them to deliver now.

I made my own Direction cards and I will be making gift registry cards.

6. Save The Date

This is done with some controversy.

7. Florist

We met with the florist and came up with great choices. Why are florists expensive though? I knew they were going to be. It's just a known fact. To be honest, I'm not really fond of flowers but they do serve their purpose. So we got our bouquets, boutonnières, corsages and flowers for ceremony & reception.

8. Reception

We got to go cake tasting and menu tasting while we were in there.

Cake tasting was the best part of the trip! We got to sample different cakes and fillings. We were in sugar heaven. Have you seen 60 year old men on a sugar high? Wish I did. We came up with great combinations for our cake. I'm drooling just thinking about it now.

Here it is...
Top cake is German Chocolate cake w/ the appropriate filling.
Middle cake is butter (yellow) cake w/ a cherry & cream cheese filling.
Bottom cake is coconut w/ a chocolate coconut (bounty) filling.

Yum! I don't want to share it. We have to find a topper for the cake though.

Menu tasting was good too. We got to sample for free. It all was good. I'm looking forward to the reception. I still have work to do on this. I have to work on the music. One thing is Luther Vandross & Celine Dion are banned from my wedding. I have to do songs for group dances and all. We have our mix of music, just the special dances. Now my dad wants a full bar and we want a cash bar. We are not agreeing on this. After all it's just a brunchy/lunchy reception. Don't really need too much liquor.

I also have to do seating plan and choose what I want to overlay and underlay for the tables.

9. Salon

Made salon appointment for the event. I have to be there for 7:45 AM!!!! I hate waking up that early. So that means we are going to be up like 5 am to get breakfast and get all what's needed taken care of. I'm not going to starve myself. I'm not a nice girl when I'm hungry, lol.

10. Gown/Tux

We got the men their tux rentals. My dress has come in. I should be making an appoint,net for fitting really soon. Also the girls' dresses came in too. So we need to make a fitting for that too.

I also assisted in helping JH's mom find a dress for herself.

11. Registry

We have one set for The Container Store. I plan on doing another one for Target.

The wedding is 3 months from now. I'm excited but I reality is syncing in. Stay tuned for further updates.

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