Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wedding Planning - Part 2

Wedding plans are moving along. I don't know if it's moving along gracefully. We picked our date: June 16, 2012. We had picked a venue previously, Bellagio, but has since changed. Wedding dress will take place in November when my mom is here.


So we had originally chose Bellagio as the venue for a wedding. We both love that hotel. We chose a package to our liking and pockets. It would cost us $9,000.00 for the package.

This package does not have a reception so we would have had to look elsewhere. Since the package included a dismal amount of pictures, I was trying to work with the Bellagio's photographer, since I was not allowed my own photographer. That was ridiculous. Other places would say yes but for an additional fee. So I was trying to get a wedding book of 200 pics, and 3 parental book of 100 pics, and about 50 wallet sizes. This is a pretty typical set to get. My personal photographer has his package for $2,000.00. This is not a personal discount either. That's what he does [enter hyperlink to his site]. I also asked him for a disc of the 200. Apparently he must've thought I was Kim Kardashian or something, because this man wanted to charge me $5,000.00 for the pictures alone. I didn't miss beat asking him if he could lower his prices. After all the pictures do not mean anything to him besides money.

Amidst the strife with Bellagio, I was told about a place called Lake side Weddings. I checked them out and their packages. This place has 4 things going for them:

1. It's gorgeous
2. It's outside near water (I have a thing about water.)
3. The packages include both the wedding and reception and it is significantly cheaper than the Bellagio.
4. I can use my own photographer.

This place is great. I had my father go check it out. And it's true to its website.

 I am excited by this place. So long Bellagio. Hello Lakeside Weddings. Only thing is that this place is not on the strip. We'll probably stay at the Bellagio on our wedding night. And leave the next morning for our honeymoon.

Wedding Dress:

So I had mentioned before that I had an appointment at Kleinfeld's on the 20th of Nov. Well I made another right after at David's Bridal. My mom wants to venture around before our appointment. Fun fun fun. One must know that this is the part that I am dreading. I am not a frilly woman. The whole thought of dress shopping gives me the willies. I do want to make great memories and look nice.

Guest list:

This is still a fight with my mother. We have finally settled with an agreement. She was to back off and I will send my aunt an invitation for her plus 1. I have booked a 50 person package, but she doesn't know that. I'd like to keep it that way. I have up to a month before the event to change my venue. I'll probably end up with just a package of 20 people instead. This would make life easier. I really not going to worry until January/February.

My photographer is my brother-in-law. He will be doing the pictures for his room & airfare for him and my sister. Of course I'm booking the least expensive room and flight. I'm not made out of money.

We bought our rings this weekend. They should arrive Nov 12th. I will have to remember to declare them on my homeowner's policy when they arrive.

I plan on taking a break from planning until January. I really don't have much to do until then. I will have to do invitations, favors and registry.

We will have to book our honeymoon too. That's a toss up between Bora Bora or Hawaii. We're leaning closer to Bora Bora. We have the patience now for a long flights. I wish there was a way to say we want cash gifts on our invitations. We really don't need anymore stuff for the house. I'd rather them help pay for the honeymoon.

I'm excited to marry my fiancé. There are times that I feel like this is too good to be true. Sometimes I feel that I am dreaming all this up. I am just so happy I found a guy I'm so comfy around. Who loves all my weird quirks and moodiness. Who best of all loves me so much that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. As the song says, "somewhere in life, I must've done something good."

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