Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ringer - No More

The show is very interesting, but moves a bit too slow for me. I want to know what's happening but I no longer have the patience. Too many mysteries.

I feel the writers may lose track of what mystery is what. The last episode I watched, Bridget joins Siobhan's husband, her best friend and her husband to their Long Island home. During the weekend, the BFF's husband, the same one Siobhan's been having an affair with, confronts her about her pregnancy and how it may be his.

His wife overhears, so now BFF knows. At the groups dinner, the BFF runs off and Bridget follows. BFF confronts her. Only way to get Siobhan out of trouble was to admit she was Bridget. I don't know what happened at the next episode. From the preview, BFF does not buy Bridget's story and is going to ruin her life (whomever's). Now it has turned to catty bullshit that turns me off, besides the way too many mysteries. I have run my course with the show to keep me hooked. I have deleted them off of my DVR.

Ringer was a good attempt of a show. It'll probably hold someone else's attention. I am all for Sarah Michelle Gellar getting a paycheck. I am a fan of hers. I've been waiting for a comeback. I just don't think this was a great show for a comeback. She needs a hit. Something that sparkles and has everyone talking. Ringer it's not.

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