Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wedding Planning - Part 3

Next chapter of wedding planning: the meeting of the moms. This weekend my mother (MC) met my mother in law to be (PH). I've been nervous about this for a while. Especially knowing that my father has met them already. I was hoping and praying she doesn't find out on this trip. I have my mother at home until the 1st of December. Way too long to be harassed. This weekend was all about finding my wedding gown.

PH has never been gown shopping. She wore her mother's gown and her daughter eloped. She really wanted to have the experience. I like her a lot so it was a great idea for her to come. It killed 2 birds with 2 stones; she gets to come to NY for an experience and my mother gets to meet her. So we got her a ticket to spend the weekend of my gown visits.

PH arrived on Thursday afternoon while I was at work. So she had some time to get to know my mother. I did get home a little cranky. My job is enough to drive anyone to drink. I just get cranky. I did take off on Friday to take PH sightseeing. We made it a family affair. My fiance (JH) was able to get the whole day off. So we drove to Manhattan. We took PH to Rockefeller Center, down Fifth Ave, to Apple Store, then to FAO Schwartz. We caught the bus to 42nd St. We went to Time Square, ate at Bubba Gumps, played games at Dave & Busters then caught Puss N Boots movie at the Loews. After movie we made our way back to the car and back home.

Saturday morning we (JH and myself) took PH some more sightseeing before my first gown appointment. My first appointment was at a boutique in Brooklyn called Lotus Brides. Before we went, me and the mothers had a pow wow about what dress type I like, including pictures that I had. We found ourselves at Lotus on time. I had a great girl who helped me. I was very nervous. Saw and tried on some dresses. I liked one dress a lot but couldn't fit into it. This was a good start.

Sunday was a full day of gown hunting. We had 2 appointments: Kleinfeld's and David's. I was hoping to find "the dress" at Kleinfeld's an or David's. I came close at Kleinfeld's though. I had a picture of a dress from David's that I was excited about. However, when I finally got to try it, I didn't like it at all. But that's the breaks. I did enjoy the experience at Kleinfeld's better. They were more attentive and helped you into the gowns. The store is much prettier in person than on Say Yes To The Dress. Only downfall was that we couldn't take pictures. So no point of reference when you leave. By time we got to David's we found the service wasn't as great. Your rep doesn't help you into the dresses. So whomever you came with had to help you. All they did was help get you the dress. With the lack of help and food, I was getting very ornery. We were able to take pictures though. We did see some bridesmaid dresses there at least.

Overall I didn't settle on a dress yet. Just one close maybe. PH had to leave next day. It was a great visit. My mom likes her and she likes mother. There were times where I thought they were going to battle over me, but they were able to come out of it peacefully. I'm glad all worked out well. One possible drama has been thwarted. Now onto the next drama: guest list.

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