Saturday, September 18, 2010

Life with JH Week Ending 9/12/10

This week with JH was not very exciting. But we did hit a huge milestone in our relationship. I feel it was huge but he was excited about it. I wasn't too excited.

This week I had to take out my braids. No one except immediate family, with an exception for Crystal and June, have seen me take out my braids. I feel the most unattractive. My hair looks awful, dirty and nappy. I find it repulsive. JH found this to be so much fun. He was looking forward to seeing the natural me.

It takes me a week to take them out. I start on Monday and finish by Friday. On Saturday I get my hair permed. Thru the week he stuck close to me. I even let him feel my hair. Might as well let him get very familiar with my natural hair.

By time I was done, he still looked at me with adoring eyes. I felt so much better then. This man is a definite keeper. He has accepted me as I am. Nappy hair and all.


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