Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life w/ JH Week Ending 9/19/10

This week went well. My life is adjusted to living with JH. We had a few mishaps at night this week. I have kicked him in my sleep. He has punched me in his sleep. Not hard though. No bruising, thank goodness. It'll be hard to explain that one without him getting death threats if there was a bruise, lol.

On Friday, I started my new exercise regine. I am walking around cemetery. So it was my first night. Hopefully I can stick to this. JH is my walking partner. My brother also joined us. It was fun walking with both of them. I love talking to both of them. Right now, both of them are my world.

Saturday I promised to take JH to the Nintendo store. He's been talking about going for over a week. So I showed him more than just the store. I took him to Rockefeller Center, Apple Store, Radio City Music Hall. I also showed him Bryant Park and a Japanese store called Kinokuniya. We worked up an appetite so we went to Chevy's in Time Square, which is only a couple of blocks away. On our way there, we passed the Pop-Tart restaurant he had told me about. That is just too crazy. Just looking at the restaurant made my teeth ache.

We ate a pretty good meal at Chevy's. We packed our dinner to go and we had desert. He had a brownie sundae and I had the flan. The portion sizes were ridiculous. I barely finished mine and JH cleaned his plate then mine. I then had an idea to pick up some bubble tea for later. So we went to China Town for some before we headed home.

Sunday, I needed to concentrate on getting my taxes done. So JH was giving me some space when I got a rare invite from my friend Crystal. She invited us to Governor's Island. It was a good time.
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Afterwards we stopped at Canal Street for some bubble tea with them. I ended up getting a bubble juice instead. JH tried the coconut bubble tea. I figured my brother deserved one too.

So after we parted ways with Crystal and her boyfriend, Ricardo, we went to my normal bubble tea spot. I ended up buying 6 teas and cream cake. I wanted the bubble tea for the next day. JH swears I'm addicted. He shouldn't talk because he goes thru hi-chews like no tomorrow. So as you can tell, my tax work was axed for the day; but I had fun.

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