Tuesday, November 25, 2014

One Small Step

I follow an instragram account called 'pitbullsofinstagram'. It's a page and a movement to stop Pitbull hate. Pitbulls are not aggressive dogs. They don't attack unconditonally. Do you know that Pits are the most loyal dogs. The bad ones you hear about in the news are trained to be mean. Just like ANY dog, if you don't take the time to train them, then they will be wild. Pits are very lovable and are known to be huggers. They are great around kids and babies. You can't ask for a better dog.

So when I saw a post that a town in Louisiana was putting an ordinance to ban all Rottweilers and Pitbulls I had to sign the petition. People had to get their dogs euthanized or sent out of town by Dec 1st. That is the most assinine and cruel thing ever.

Couple days later, they posted that the petition and public outrage (nationwide) made them reverse the ordinance. Yay!!!

I believe that if we put your heart in it and stick up for what you believe is right, you can accomplish great things. My one signature showed I cared and it brought about a change.

I do wish we can apply this same sentiment to all walks of life. However, life is never fair.

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