Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fashion For Action

Today my husband invited me to a charity event that his company sponsored: Fashion for Action by Housing Works. 

It was an evening to buy designer clothes 70% off retail value, silent auctions and some dining. It was an excellent party. We got in for the early admission. So we drank a little then went to shop. All proceeds goes to help fight for a cure to HIV/AIDS. It's not too often that I get an invitation to such an event. 

We picked up some accessories at the show. I wanted a pair of Diane von Furstenberg shoes but it was still costly based on how much I would wear the shoes. I ended up buying a Betsy Johnson watch and a Christmas present for my mom. 

Hubby got a bag and some designer chonies (underwear for us North Easters). When we were done, we went back to the party. That's when the action started.  I walked up to Jason's co-workers and they are having a heated discussion about whether someone was a girl or a guy. They decided to ask me to make the decision. I turn to see who they are talking about. To my pleasurable surprise, it was Isis from America's Next Top Model. She was my favorite from that season. I think she was sabotaged. She should have made it to the end. I got to take a picture with her. 

She was so pretty. Excited!!! Then the group went to take group pictures at the photo booth. After goofing around, who do I spot? None other than Miss J from America's Next Top Model. I love him. He was great! I got to take a picture with him too!!! 

I LOVE this man. He is fierce no matter what he does. I am like so star strucked tonight. I'm literally in heaven. He even gave my hubby pucture taking tips. He is a lot taller than I imagined him to be. Love Love Love. 

The night was not even done with surprises: 

Bottom guy is John Varvatos, next up is Zach Posen and The very top is Betty Smith. She's going to be on Fashion Queens on Bravo. Not a great picture because I didn't have room to go any further. There was also a runway show down those stairs. Fun Fun Fun!

It was a magical night. I must thank my hubby and his company Matthijssen Business Systems NYC for the invite. Without them, this wonderful night wouldn't have happened. 

Now let me see if I can fall asleep!!! Good night!!! 

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