Sunday, May 25, 2014

I'm So Vain, I know This Post is About Me

I'm in the mood to share more about myself. Maybe people can get my personality a bit more or I just want to put it out there. Self therapy in form of voyeurism.

1. I don't do the phone. I love my iPhone. I just don't like talking on the phone. I only speak to very few people on the phone. Everyone else needs to text me or AIM me. Phone calls will go directly to voicemail. Once I listen to it, I will text or email back. In my career, you've learned the phone is NOT your friend.

2. I don't like people wasting my time. Dating was rough for me. I hated dates that led no where. I find it a waste of time. If I make plans with you don't waste my time having me wait 20 to 30 minutes without any explanation. All you do is piss me off and I won't make plans with you again. If I deem that the friendship is worth it, then I'll tell you a different time that way, when you are late, you are on time.

I started this list off with my pet peeves. Sorry, this lends to fact #3. I tend to go negative first then bring in the positive. I rub alcohol in the wound before I put neosporin and bandage it up.

4. I have a very very very over active imagination. You can tell me something and I'll be in my head visualizing it. I also have epic dreams.

5. I like writing. I have 3 stories in my head I would love to get out to the assets but time is my downfall. They need to have an apparatus that can scan your brain and type out what you want. That would make this easier. I have been published though. I participated in an anthology with my GoodReads group. The book can be gotten here.

6. Restaurant/Cafe hopping. I love trying new restaurants. As a kid, I dreamt that I would live in Manhattan and I would eat dinner at different cafés/restaurants every night. If that were true, I'd weigh a ton. Which brings me to the next point.

7. I hate exercising. I find it tedious and boring. I don't like repetitive boring things. Ugh. But alas I do it to be healthy.

8. I judge people immediately on first look. My mom always said to make your first impression your best impression so you must always look presentable. I used to hate that. How can people just judge you like that? It was unfair. I used to throw back, well never judge a book by its cover. She acknowledged it but countered that society does not work that way. They already have a prejudice to you already because you are Black. Don't give them anymore reasons to not like and respect you. So I made sure I looked presentable in the most important times. But, yeah, I will judge every single hoodrat looking guy walking on the street, hanging out at a street corner, on the train or anywhere. Race does not come into play here even though majority of the hoodrat looking guys are Black. I will not give them a positive acknowledgement. If they want me to give them positive, they must look positive. I will not talk to or hire a guy who can't wear his pants how it's made to. If not, they are a bunch if delinquents. I don't lie down with dogs because I don't want folks thinking I have fleas. I've heard the "self expression" excuse numerous times. How's it self expression when all your slummy pals are wearing the same look? Come on. Black men want to be respected by society and not stereotyped as thugs. Well do something about it!! Stop looking like one!!!!

9. I would love to live by the beach. I am a beach bum. Everyday and all day I'd lay outside on the beach relaxing and reading a book. Now that's what I call heaven. I need a beach STAT.

10. I think I my body gets depressed. There are a day or two close to my period, but not every period, (eww yucky, whatever, grow up) that I want to do things but my body absolutely won't budge. It's like my body has its own entity with its own will. Won't listen to my brain at all. But it will compromise on bodily functions such as breathing, using the bathroom. As of late these days are becoming rare.

11. I love sleeping. It is so good. I'd rather take a nap everyday but work won't permit it. Sleep is therapeutic for me.

Well I think this is enough sharing for today. There may be another fact sharing post in my future. There's so much to learn about me.

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