Friday, May 9, 2014

Chris Dates a Black Girl

Sunday night I was watching a new Episode of Family Guy on Fox. It was a very thought provoking episode, hence this blog post. In this episode, Chris starts dating Jerome's daughter. If you don't know Family Guy, Chris is a White Kid and Jerome is Black which makes his daughter Black.

I'm all for interracial couples, especially ones that matches my own relationship. So I am going to briefly summarize this episode with commentary in italics.

Jerome's daughter started going to Chris' school. He meets her, talks to her, falls for her. *Chris is actually seeing her for herself not her skin color.* He brings her home to meet his family. The first thing is Peter says is he wants to see Chris in the kitchen. *I was preparing to be pissed off now.*
Peter says he thought Chris would bring home hugely fat woman. Then it cuts to a scene where Peter is directing a huge women to back up into a garage. *The fat woman issue will be another post, but what I loved about Peter's reaction is that he saw nothing wrong with this relationship.* Peter then rushes them both back into the living room because Lois maybe listing off all the Black people she knew. *I don't find this part racist. Lois is ignorant.*
After the visit, Peter, Chris and his girl go to the Clam which Jerome owns. Jerome forbids Chris & his daughter to date. It upsets Chris, his daughter and even Peter. *Why is Jerome so mad about this? Is it because it's Chris or is it his race?*Chris and his girlfriend run away to be together. Now Peter and Jerome are looking for the kids. Jerome tells Peter all the hardships of being Black and experiences some of the racisms Blacks have to endure on a regular basis. *Being a stupid person, Peter actually gets it. * They find Chris and daughter in a hotel room in bed. All they were doing was kissing. Jerome tells her that no daughter of his is dating a White Guy is plain disrespectful! Peter then asks how he felt about a Black guy dating a White woman. Jerome says that 'glorious heaven'. *Seriously? I'm pissed now. It's disrespectful for a Black girl to date White but okay for Black guy to date White? How dare Seth McFarlan agree with stupid ignorant Black folks on this topic. Is he racist himself?* Peter then tells Chris in a long drawn out over the top explanation that they had to respect Jerome's stupid wishes and that Whites need to only date Whites and never should races mix. Then Jerome's daughter asks him is this the lesson he wants her to learn. Jerome sees the error of his ignorant thinking and apologizes. *Hallelujah McFarlan saved his ass right there. I so was going to light up message boards, his Facebook page his twitter feed. The works.* So Chris and his girl gets to stay together. *I hope to see this relationship blossom on the show, but I'm sure it was just for an episode.*

This episode was a good one. Family Guy usually exasperates stereotypes to the fullest no matter of race or religion. But this episode by the end I think was a good episode, pushing BW/WM relationships as a normal in society's eyes. I hope to see more shows focus on positive looks and relationships for BW/WM.

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