Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's Been a Long Time....

It's been a while that I made a post. Life has given me a shitload of work to take care of. It makes for no mood to write. I've had urges to write some more in my novel but it left just as fast as it came. So what have I done really?

When I get really stressed I tend to want to escape reality. I do this with either immersing myself in a game or a book. What I've done was immerse myself into a book series. I started reading Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress Series (b.k.a. Cat & Bones). I read them back to back in matter of days. I read one spin off book called Once Burned (a.k.a. The Dark Prince series). I have recently started the final Cat & Bones book but my enthusiasm has left. I don't feel much like reading a book. I've done all this on my travel to and from work. Thank goodness for public transportation.

I recently decided to take a try in selling my jewelry and other items. eBay was not a place for it. Etsy is too crowded. The easiest way so far is to try an Instagram shop. You can find mine here www.instagram.com\cleighdesigns. I got the idea from a Twitter friend (@ynotkissme). She started her own for vintage goods. I've slowly been putting up products. I haven't gotten any sales, but I really have no idea how to market it. I need followers. As I learn the ropes, I will continue to add items up with hope. Let's see how things go after a while. I'll leave it up as long as I keep my main Instagram account active.

I've embarked on a weight loss program with my hubby. We are not doing a special program like weight watchers. We are doing it using apps, videos and some of our own visions. We had a FitBit Force but we sold it before the gov't recall. We used it to track our steps, sleep and exercise. Now we just use our phone. We didn't realize that our iPhone counts our steps. It's not as completely accurate as the FitBit, but it'll do until we find another watch/band type device. Pairing these, we use the FitBit iOS app & My Fitness Pal iOS app. They are both synced together. The FitBit app tracks the steps and weight from the FitBit scale. It then sends the data to My Fitness Pal (MFP). MFP is where I have my weight loss goals. I am supposed to only eat 1440 calories a day. I log my food when I can. Since I started the program, I've lost 5 lbs. I'm doing the 1 lb per week loss. It's way too hard for any more than that. I want to eat better than anything else. It is more about portion control and regular activity.

I was talking to my friend Maha who had battled Stage 4 uterin cancer. She has changed her eating habits. I just found out that it had mastasticized to her liver and spleen. She was able to get them removed and currently in remission. She will have to get checked for the rest of her life. Her doctor told her she may need chemo for life too. She told him no. Since she changed her diet she's been doing much better and her doctor thinks so too. She plans on tweeting about her new diet on her new twitter @sounrefined. You should follow her. We also talked about her writing her biography. She has such a colorful life. She was born in Pakistan. Experienced war in her neighborhood. Moved to England. Married a diplomat. Then moved to the US. She has an adorable son (who I want to keep). I had the pleasure to meet her at my job. I'm glad I was able to meet and be friends with her. She's an awesome woman. Now to convince her to take me to Pakistan with her.

I would love to have a lot more exciting things to talk about, but I've just been so busy at work. Maybe the next post will be exciting.


Chrisor (@ynotkissme) said...

You've got a very busy life! Your weight loss plan sounds like a responsible way to go about it. I think it will be a success especially because you and your hubby are doing it together. :-)

Your Instagram shop will take time. I can see a lot of people starting and quitting right away. It's been super slow with sales lately for even the most established sellers. It should pick up after the income tax deadline.

Your friend from Pakistan sounds remarkable. It sounds like she's beating cancer. She has a positive attitude which means everything. A longtime friend of mine just told me her skin cancer spread to her liver and she only has weeks to live. She wants nothing to do with anyone right now. She's just waiting to die. She's closing her email and won't be in touch with anyone.

It does seem like the correlation between what we eat and our health is stronger than we ever realized. I've been so busy & had no internet for awhile again but hope to get back to reading your blog regularly.

Tiger's Lair said...

@ynotkissme I am sorry about your friend. She's bitter right now. She can't afford to be.

I haven't looked at my shop page for a while now. Not that sales are awful, but because my life is just moving at crazy speeds.

I'm glad your internet is back. I've missed your posts.