Saturday, January 18, 2014

Stop Dream Stalking Me, Rock

"Don't forget we've got another Barmitzvah to go to tonight" I yell to Jason from the bathroom.
"We sure have a lot of these to go to. We'll be broke by time the month ends." Jason gripes.
"That's not true." I laugh.

After a while, we are dressed and walking to our destination.

"Don't forget this is a special Barmitzvah. They will have Sari's to buy. I love Sari's." I say as we approach our destination.
"Are you saying that we should go home so you can't buy any more Sari's!" Jason says.
"Don't be silly. Let's go!!" I say grabbing his hand and pull him to the door.

We are ushered to our seats. We see a wall full of Sari's. I notice 3 that I absolutely love. I was so fascinated that I didn't notice that someone sat down next to me. Jason leaned over to tell me the The Rock is sitting next to me. That brought me out of my trance and into the reality of the situation.

"What are you doing here?" I hiss at The Rock.
"I'm enjoying a Barmitzvah and sitting down next to a sexy woman." The Rock answers back.
"You know him?" Jason asks.
"Yes she does. We enjoyed 2 wonderful years together." The Rock answers before I do.
"He was my last boyfriend before you. We broke up maybe a year before I met you." I answer Jason. Then I turned towards The Rock.
"Really, Dwayne? Why are you really here?" I ask him.
"I missed you." Rock replies.
"Too bad. I'm married." I flaunt my ring in front of him.
"Does it look like I care. I'm sure I can win you back." Rock says with bravado.
"I have no interest. I love Jason. And I won't do anything to hurt him. So you need to find another one of your exes to stalk."
"I want you."
"I don't." I turn to Jason, "let's switch seats."

We move 2 rows down as they started the sale for the Sari's. They picked up one of 3 I liked. I raised my hands to buy it. They lady came over to me and gave it to my neighbor who happen to be the Rock, again.

"Stop following me!!!!" I exclaim a little to loudly. I turn to Jason. "I just can't win. Sorry babe for all this."

"I didn't know you date The Rock. You are full of surprises. But it is what it is. We'll be home soon." Jason answers.

I put my attention back on the sari sale. I was able to purchase the other 2. Then the DJ called for all husbands to go on stage for some special entertainment. I really didn't want Jason to go. I told him my feelings.

"I wouldn't even be able to take him if it were to come to blows. I trust you." He says as he leaves for the stage. I stand up to follow him. As I stood facing the stage The Rock comes and stands next to me.

"I'll give you this sari if you will admit that all the sexy nights in Havanna meant something to you." The Rock bargains.
"It did at that point of time. I am now happily married to Jason. What we had was in the past." I answer.
"Okay. Good to know that You did have feelings for me. I can see that I thave no chance, but a guy had to try. Here's the sari." he hands me the sari and salutes Jason on stage.

As he leaves, he bends over and whispers "you'll be mine one day" and walks out.


Chrisor (@ynotkissme) said...

Your writing is so good, it makes me wonder if you were ever with the Rock. Ha ha. I love that you're turning your dreams into stories. Do you own any saris? I love some of the fabrics so much!

Tiger's Lair said...

Thanks @ynotkissme. I just write out the's funny how few words seem like an epic in a dream.

I don't have any sari's and have no interest in collecting them. It's funny how dreams work.