Sunday, April 17, 2011

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

I absolutely love button mashing fighting games. I love Marvel comics a shitload better than DC. I like the Streetfighter games. So Marvel vs Capcom is a sure fire bet. I've had older versions of the game for PS1. So I bought it for the PS3. 

MvC3 1

This game has more characters to play with. What really drew me to the game is that you can fight with the character Deadpool. I love Deadpool. I haven't bought a console game since I got the Kinect for Xbox. That is in another post to come. 

MvC3 still uses the same 2D type graphics. But there's a 3rd dimension in the background.I don't know what to really call it. But it is nice. When you start the game, you get to chose to play offline and online. I always choose offline. I'm not good enough to fight live people. I push buttons, don't really pay attention to button codes and what have you. 

In offline you can play the arcade mode, versus and _. I play versus with family and friends. However, for this review I'm just going to stick with the Arcade mode. 

MvC3 2
MvC3 4

When you start you get to choose from over 20 characters. You can choose 3 to play with. I always choose my favorite 3: Deadpool, Chun-Li and X-23. They are wicked. Chun is the weakest of all 3, but I know how to work her from years of practice. You get to choose fighting preference from simple to expert. 

MvC3 3

Once you choose your characters and fighting preference you are courted off to your first battle. This is where the fun begins. Smack talk and all. Once you beat your first fight you are sent to 4 or 5 more before you have to fight the big boss. Guess who's the big boss? Galactus and a few other characters he summons so he can get rid of you. He wants to consume the Earth. This why you are fighting. 

MvC3 5
MvC3 6
MvC3 7
MvC3 9
MvC3 8

I have to admit, I have not beaten Galactus yet. I've gotten him very low the last time I tried. He hits very hard! One hit will take 1/3 of your health. You need to try not to get hit and give him as many special moves as you can. He's hard. 

MvC3 12
MvC3 10
MvC3 11
MvC3 13
MvC3 14
MvC3 15
MvC3 16
MvC3 17
MvC3 18

I love this game. As you play the game you unlock new characters to play and other goodies in the game. I've unlocked 2 characters so far. This game is an instant classic. It will be played over and over again. Some will complain it is too easy. I don't find it so. It's very challenging. If you are looking for more substance, you picked the wrong game. This is a button masher fighting game. 

MvC3 is on both Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms. You can pucrhase game from Gamestop, Best Buy, Amazon or any store that sell video games. 

Please note this game does not use motion capabilities like the Move or Kinect. You may lose some calories if you are like me who moves along with the game.


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