Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is one of those games you can play for couple minutes. They made the game easy to play and fits into as many time contraints you may have. This game also incorporates the full touch motion of your screen. 

FN 1

Ninja is on both iPhone and Android. However they can't interact. iPhone uses game center to interact with other players and Android uses OpenFeint. There is OpenFeint on iPhone but it's not integrated as GameCenter is. 

FN 2

Gameplay is very easy. You swipe your finger like a blade to cut up the fruit. Just stay away from the bombs. The more fruit sliced, the higher your score. On iPhone there are 4 modes to play: Classic, Zen, Arcade and Multi-player. Android does not have Multi-player mode.

FN 3

Classic mode consists of you cutting fruit without fail. You cannot let 3 fruits fall without being sliced. If so, game is dobe. Also, if you slice a bomb, the game is done. 

FN 4

Zen mode is a bomb free mode. You have 90 seconds to cut up as many fruit as possible. I must say this is a very easy mode. No fear of hitting a bomb. 

Arcade mode is where the action is. In Arcade you get frenzy, freeze and double point bananas. You have 90 seconds to complete. The bombs in this game does not stop your game but takes away 10 seconds from game. So be very weary of hitting one. 

FN 5

FN 6

Frenzy bananas puts a ton of fruit on the screen so you can swipe like a mad person. Just be careful of people next to you, lol. Freeze bananas slows the fruit on screen. I don't see this as a benefit at times. You want to slice a lot of fruit. You don't want to be slowed down. Double point bananas is self explanatory. Just get some and slice away like a madperson. 

Multi-player mode is not all that interesting. You can challenge one of your friends on Game Center or be set up on a blind match. I chose to be set up. You have to slice the fruit highlighted in your color or by white. If you slice other players color you lose points. You still only have 90 seconds to play.

Overall, this game is fun to play. With such a short play time, you can play it anywhere. Just don't play it in a meeting if you want to keep your job. This game will stay in my active game folder. 

Fruit Ninja can be found in the iTunes App Store $0.99 for full version, The Market on Android $1.27 or on Amazon's Appstore $0.99.

[iOS, Android, Xbox]

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