Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rants and Ramblings: What's Been On My Mind

1. Teens and Adults : Leniency After Committing a Crime?
I'm tired of hearing that the courts should be lenient to those who commits a crime. I don't care if it's their 1st or 10th time. If you commit the crime you should do the time. You knew doing the act it was illegal. You had a choice whether to follow thru or not. You chose to follow thru so prepare to take the consequences.

2. Hood Rat Looking Men/Boys
If you want to continue to wear your pants hanging off your ass and looking like an ignorant fool, don't get pissed when the rest of us in society don't acknowledge you as a productive part of society. I'm all for self expression as the next person. How is it self expression when more than one of you are doing it? If a guy dressed as stated came in for an interview I would not even bother interviewing him. He is not what I would to represent my company. You look like a thug, a criminal and not worth my respect. So therefore, I will not acknowledge you. You can be a sweet guy, but your outer wear I see first. First impressions stick!!!

3. Excessive Tattoos
Yes tattoos are cool and hot. Everyone wants them. Hell, I even have one. It's not hidden but it's not very noticable. Just the way they should be. I know the history of tattoos. I also know that our youth are so into getting so many tattoos in the most awful places: necks, hands, faces. They don't think about their future. Not everyone can become rappers. Where else would hire you? Companies are not going to want you to represent them. Put the tattoos where they can be hidden at work and during an interview. No matter how popular tattoos are they still have a negative conotation in corporate America. Would want to go to a bank and the teller looks like sn ex-con? Would you want your doctor to look like that? All the people on TV with all the tattoos do not work for corporate America. But they pretty much had to own their business in order to get paid. And most of them didn't have all the tattoos when they started. They only did when their business was viable and self-sustaining. They knew they wouldn't get financing/backing if they looked like an ex-con. Banks/Venture Capitalists will not take you seriously even if you present a winning proposal in front of them. They will not get past your looks. So please keep the tattoos away from the face, neck and hands. You will be doing yourself a big favor.

4. Where have manners and courtesy gone?
Has everyone gone rude? Why aren't parents teaching their children manners and common courtesy? As a kid I was taught you must respect your elders. Kids nowadays do not. They will disrespect their own parents as well as their teachers and any adult they encounter. And the adults are just as bad.
That's all for now. I have more but they are not as high profile as the above 4. Stay tuned. You get more or maybe not. It was just good to get these off of my chest.

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