Friday, August 6, 2010

New Vegas Mex

So I finally went on my vacation that I was planning for a long while. I definitely needed it. I also got to spend time with people I care about.

First stop.... Las Vegas. Originally planned because my dad was to have eye surgery done. So I planned on having to shuttle him around. However, my friend from New Mexico came too. This was the 1st time I had a "male" friend stay with my dad and myself. My dad took to him really well. He liked him a lot. I did too of course. My dad finally let me use the car. This was after months of coercision. I took my friend to the strip for 3 days. He got his fill of what the strip was about. He was amused by the porn cards being distributed as you walked down the strip. It was good times.

Next stop..... Socorro. Originally planned to spend time with my best friend from college. However, since I didn't get a response I just spent my time with him and his family. They let me stay with them. I loved his parents. They were very inviting and sweet. His mom greeted me with a hug when I first met her at the airport. They are both adorable. They are bird people which is pretty amazing. I was given a personal tour of Socorro. I was hoping I would see my college friend in my travels but no such luck. It did have me worried though. I like Socorro. I can see myself living there.

Last stop.... Albuquerque. My last leg of my vacation. My friend came with me here too. We stayed at a local hotel. He also gave me a personal tour. He had taken me to couple of really nice restaurants. One was a Japanese Hibachi Steakhouse. The other was this romantic restaurant ontop of the Sardia mountains. We had to take a tram to get there. We were supposed to go his friend's party too but he remembered I was allergic to cats. So we didn't go. Wanted him to tho since this would be the last time seeing his friends before moving to New York. Instead he stayed with me to spoil me rotten. Good times.

It was time for my vacation to end. I was not very happy about it. It felt very weird leaving. I felt as much at home in NV and NM. I even shed some tears going thru security. I didn't want to go home. Wonder what would've happened if I stayed.

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