Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Reading is So Much Fun

Lately I've been in a reading frenzy. My Goodreads account can attest to that. I still have a ton of books to add to my read folders. I used to be the woman on the train nose into a book. Now I have my nose in front of an iPad mini.

When Amazon came out with the Kindle, I was not enthused. Who would really want to read on a device? Carrying a book was so much better. You couldn't convince me otherwise. I'm known to be stubborn. Then at a point I stopped wearing these oversized pocketbooks (purses to some). They were heavy and starting to hurt my shoulder. I would carry everything including the kitchen sink in there; purse (to some, wallet), book, iPad, iPhone, umbrella, lotion, etc (you get the picture). So I moved to Amazon Kindle App. Why use iBooks? I can transfer my purchases to any device that has it available. Yay, for practicality. It is my husband who convinced me to use iBooks. So now I am entangled in Apples ecosystem. They have me hooked for life.

Anyway, I like to read a variety of genres, but my Goodreads will show that I read a lot Manga. Manga is essentially Japanese comics. I particularly like the Shojo (focused for women readers), slice of life and some Shonen (focused for men). It really all depends on the story. I am not limited to just manga either. They are in more of an abundance between releases from favorite authors.

I love Catherine Coulters FBI series and Brit in FBI series. Please don't get her confused with Ann Coulter. I don't know if they are related, but Ann is a racist jackass (sorry for the language). I'm all for conservatives and what have you. Just don't be a racist jackass and you'd get a better reaction from me. I got off course a bit. The last book I read just came out in September and I finished it within a week. It was called End Game. It was soooo good. I was in serious withdrawal. I have to wait until next year for the next book, very sad face here. Catherine, if you read this, please write faster. I need my Nicholas fix.

Reading is a great hobby. You get brought into a whole new world where the impossible can happen. I love to use my imagination as I read. I have such rich views on what the author is telling in his/her story. I get very disappointed when a book ends too. I go thru some stages of grief. Then I imagine a continuation in my head. Or I imagine how the characters would fit into reality.

I hope I give my readers the same feel when they read one of my books. It would be awesome to have the following some others have but it is a dream. New authors rarely get that great a following unless they tap just the right set of people. I will do my best to try. I would love to be a full time writer and reader. I'd be in hog heaven. But I'd miss my husband, family and friends.

Anyway, this is my nonsensical post for the day. Stay tuned. I will introduce you to Meli. She is dying to meet you.

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