Friday, September 20, 2013

End of 2 Decades. What the Hell Happened? -UPDATED "Due to Drama"

I met Angie in college. Some guy decided to pit us against each other. He was interested in her. I was interested in another guy and I just happened to think her guy was cool. That was about it. We ended up sitting next to each other on a trip and we became great friends. We continued our friendship thru out 20 years. We don't speak often but our friendship never faltered. We all have grown up and have lives that has prevented us from being in constant contact. That's just life. No one has the same leisure time like in college years.

So I'm in New Mexico to see my in-laws and her. I can't come and not see her. So she texts me to call her husband when we get to the New Mexico State Fair.  I did, he came by for a while when we were eating lunch. I gave the man a hug, introduced him to my husband and his family. I asked how was "his daughter" and Angie. He showed us a video of Angie Zip - lining. He started to drill my in-laws about living in Socorro and saying how can they still live there. He left the 1st chance he could get. He only goes back because of family. I thought that was so rude to make someone feel bad about where they live. I like Socorro and don't see anything wrong with the town. He discussed his agency, discussed newspaper articles on the fair and he spoke about who he knows. It felt more like he was selling himself. He didn't need to. It's not like we met for the 1st time. I had a wonderful time sitting and talking with him though. He had to go back to work and we went about our business.

Yesterday afternoon I texted Angie about what time we were goi g to come by. This morning, I woke up to this:

What the Fuck? This came out of left field. My in-laws, my husband nor I was rude to this guy. I have never been accused of something that I have never done like this. If we were so rude, why did he sit with us for so long? This smells fishy. However, I've come to an age that I don't need any drama. I have enough drama at work to last me a life time. If Angie didn't want to see me that was fine. That's all she had to say. My feelings wouldn't have been hurt. Since her husband decided to lie to her and she's going to stand by him, then let her. After all our years of friendship, why would I be rude to her husband. I have respect for her not to. Whatever my feelings were, I'd keep it to myself. So somewhere somehow she lost sight of our friendship. If she wants me to beg for our friendship, she picked the wrong person. I'm just as stubborn as she is. And it's now easy for me to just walk away. And this is what I have done. My last tweet to her was me walking away.

Update due to drama
1. I inadvertently left Angie's # on a picture, I removed it.
2. I removed her daughter's name.
3. I took out our history because I just felt like it now. History now is of no concern to me. I live for the future without her.

Before boarding my plane back home I get a series of texts from Angie about my post. She contacted a lawyer because "I had no right to post anything about her".  Frankly I told her to bring it on since I have a right to speak my truth. There isn't any incriminating facts in my post (except for the inadvertent picture which I have since corrected). It doesn't contain her full legal name, her address nor the full legal name of her child or husband to tie back to her. I have a right to say what I want when I want. At this point, I am leaving my truth of this situation and that's all.

At the end of Angie's texts, she told me to go to hell.

Well Angie I'll see you there.

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Chrisor (@ynotkissme) said...

This is absolutely cringe worthy. I'm so sorry this happened to you! I've had similar things happen and they just came out of the blue. You're so shocked you don't even know how to defend yourself. All because someone lies or twists the truth or chooses not to believe you. It sucks. It reminds me how hard friendship can be. Not that it should be, it just sometimes is. I am 100% behind you. I think she should have been specific about what she thought you did. Her husband could've just had an attitude that day and took something the wrong way. The fact that she's talking about getting a lawyer is so far over the top. I would've been so upset but you're right. Who needs that kind of drama. Life is hard enough. In the meantime, you have me. :-)