Friday, August 9, 2013

Spirit of New York

On July 25th, my hubby and I were invited on the Spirit of New York. It a dinner cruise on a yacht that leaves out of Chelsea Piers. A current vendor we use at work, Matthijssen (MBS for short) was thanking their customers. It was a nice gesture.
Only people I knew in the cruise were the people I've met during business meetings with them. One thing I noticed is that my hubby and I are bit socially awkward. We are good with who we know than who we don't. It's just funny how alike we are. I've definitely got my match.
The cruise itself was very nice. The weather wasn't great. It was a very drizzly day. The closer you got to water the chillier it got. We were on water so it was cold; well to me at least. We sat inside to eat for a while. Hubby and I were at a table by ourselves. The food was good. They had a variety that would suit all.
MBS had a raffle for 2 iPads and a Kindle. Of course, with my luck, we didn't win a thing. I got $20 bucks tho. I had a good time. I enjoy being with my husband at events or on vacation. I just feel comfy and at peace. That's a great feeling because I don't feel like that often. It's great to have a person who I can let my hair down with.
The cruise ended at 10:30, so getting home was a bit of a chore. By time we got home we were exhausted. I had to work the next day so I had to rush to bed. All in all this was a great evening.
Thank you Matthijssen.


Chrisor (@ynotkissme) said...

This sounds like a lot of fun, despite the weather. It takes a bit of trouble to go out and be social but if nothing else, it lets you appreciate time at home. You and your hubby are a great looking couple! You also sound like your personalities are very compatible. Glad you got to go out and show each other off! :-)

Tiger's Lair said...

Thanks Chrisor. :)