Sunday, October 17, 2010

Life with JH - 3 Weeks Worth

I have missed writing fir 3 weeks. JH and I have a rhythm. It is now almost a completely normal thing.

We went to the New York Comic Con on Saturday Oct 9th. He enjoyed hinself. We didn't bother on Sunday because the line up was not so interesting. We missed Friday, but we had to. It was my brother's birthday.

So on my brother's birthday we took him to Slate and played pool and we had sushi for dinner. He had a good time I believe.

Within these 3 weeks JH and I saw the movie The Social Network. It was a pretty good movie even though I wanted to see Let Me In.

We try to do a lot of little things together. It may not be some big fancy outtings but the little things are so much more sentimental.

I am debating on continuing this series or not. I don't feel I have enough material to keep it going on a weekly basis. I may just do a post when something interesting or special happens. I can barely keep up with myself.

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