Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kanye West is an Arrogant A-hole

Kanye came out of left field in the hip hop game. I credit him with being very talented. He's an excellent producer. He raps about positive stuff. He may even give back to the community. I really don't know. He takes chances in his music. I like that. Kanye was incredible when he first came out. I even bought his first album which is a rare thing for me.

All his talent now is overshadowed by his indeterminable arrogance. I believe in self confidence and self worth, but Kanye takes it to the max. Who does he think he is? I hate to have seen him as a child. I admire his late mother's patience. Me? I don't have patience for people like Kanye. He must think the world owes him something.

Is this arrogance the result of not having a father growing up? I hope not. However, I think he was extremely spoiled growing up. He got everything his heart desired. Maybe that's why he thinks the world should give him all he wants. I know the music business is a hard business. No business is easy. You have to work really hard and have a great team around you for you to be successful in this industry. He works hard. I get that. But the arrogance I don't get.

Kanye is nominated for 5 grammy awards. He receives 4 of them. Apparently the industry likes his music and so does his fans. Why does Kanye have a hissy fit and/or tantrum? He thinks he should get all 5 awards. Kanye come on. Get over it. Be happy with the 4 you have gotten. Not many artists get 4 grammies; much less a rap artist.

Kanye is nominated for world music award. Hey Kanye, not only does the US listen to your music, so does the whole world. However, he does not get the award. Some foreign artist gets it. Kanye storms on stage while the winner is giving his/her acceptance speech and snatches the microphone. He tells the world that he doesn't disrespect the winner but he himself should have won the award. He went and shown the world his ass. How dare he interrupt someone elses speech. He's rude .

Kanye is given a whole room to perform at the MTV Video music awards. He performed 2 to 3 songs for the night, on air. After the show is over he complains about not getting to perform on the main stage. He complains how Timbaland and Justin performed in their own room and then gets to perform on main stage. He has to notice that Timbaland produces and is on a lot of records. It was Nelly Furtado's piece that they came to main stage for. And all 3 are in songs together. Is that jealousy, I detect? So when he bitches, he says he'll never work with MTV again. Okay just make an ass of yourself, Kanye. MTV pretty much controls popular sway with fans. Who's going to show his videos? BET? BET don't have the same clout MTV does. Plus BET doesn't play many videos. He's ignorant that he can command presence without the help of MTV.

He claims he's going to go down in history as the greatest MC ever to hold a mic. Really? Says who? All rappers have bravao saying they are the best MC ever, but in reality they know they are not. It's all an act. Kanye isn't acting. I still say he's very talented. He's different from other rappers so he does stand apart. He has critical acclaim and grammies to prove he's a great artist. But the best ever? Come on? As I say, you may be great right now but there will always be someone greater. Be realistic Kanye. Stop living in a fantasy world.

During the release of his current album he states that he hates rap and when he does rap he has to get into a grimy place mentally. He came out as a rap artist. Come on. Now he wants to villafy what he made money off of. That is a slap in the face to his fans and to his industry people. I know he wanted to get into this rap thing so badly that he worked hard to get into it. Why slap the hand that feeds you? We know the state of rap music is in the gutter. Help bring back rap instead. He wants to try other genres out there. Go ahead. No one is stopping him. Just don't insult but remember what got him in the doors to success in the music business.

The last point, I promise, is his new comment he made recently. He doesn't want to be famous anymore. He wants to be low key like Bjork commanding a dedicated small fan base. He wants this because he wants to pose nude. Who wants to see him nude? Kanye, how are you going to be greatest MC ever without being famous? Who is he without fame? Where's his money coming from? Who spends their money on albums? Who purchases his merchandise? The fans. They make you and they can break you. How is he going to go down in history as the greatest MC ever? I understand the paparazzi all in his business. They shouldn't be in people's business like that anyway. However, that's a another story for another blog. Once you want to be in the public eye, you have to sacrafice so privacy. It's part of the job. Embrace it. Try to keep your private life private. Many celebrities who are more popular than Kanye manages to keep their lives private. He should seek their advice. Stop talking bullshit.

Kanye is very interesting. He may do all of this for attention or publicity. I really hope he does. I wonder how long before his fans stop buying his music, tickets to his concerts or purchase his merchandise because of his arrogance. I persoonally would not put up with him. I know his new album is really good. I am not going to purchase it because I don't want to support an arrogant ass. I won't even download it for free. That's my choice. I just hope he adjusts his attitude before he grows old and alone. No decent women will stand for his attitude. He will just have to deal with the gold-diggers. They will put up with anything as long as the money is flowing. I wish him the best in his career.

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