Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Most Important Day.

Today I wake up with so much emotion that I can hardly keep from crying. History will be made. I feel it down to my bones. This election is the most important election since I've been born. This wonderful man Obama is going to become our president. He has what it takes plus more. He's determined and sincere in getting America turned around and head in a better direction than it was going. He is for change. He is for the people, all people. This is not a color election or a minority election. This is an election to change the world.

This election will also force White America to look at African Americans as their equal. They cannot assume that we are not intelligent enough any longer. They cannot say we are uneducated. They have to see us as human beings.

Our youth tend to forget what our forefathers and mothers had to struggle against just to get us this far. They want to set us back with all the violence and idiocy. Our youth are killing of our youth for random bullshit. Our young women don't aspire to do anything but become vidoe ho's or house wives to professional athletes/celebrities. We need somehow to wake them u. Give them inspiration to work hard. Study hard and become a viable person in society.

Our man Obama is the better African American man who has attempted (and going to achieve) running for president. Sharpton would never become president. Why? He will make everything a race issue. Jackson would never be president. Why? He's wishy washy and under the take. He'll also make everything a race issue. Both would just dwell on how African Americans were treated in the past and current. They wouldn't think of the future. They don't want to be president for the benefit of the whole USA. They had their own agendas and the people saw that.

Obama is here for the US not just for the African American community. He didn't run his campaign on race. He ran them on issues and what we as Americans need to change in order to become better. The whole world wants Obama as president. They don't want another 4 years of Bush policies.

We are awaiting the change of history and the new emergence of a strong nation. Go OBAMA.

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