Saturday, July 19, 2008

NC Here I Come?

Well I came to Greensboro NC this weekend to spend time with my ex & good friend Mel. He's always complaining that I don't visit. The last time he came to NY, my boyfriend at the time wanted to spend the weekend with me. We broke up that weekend too & I didn't get to see Mel. Which sucked. I enjoy Mel a lot. He's the only guy I contemplated moving to NC for.

Anyway, I don't know why I came. He hardly has time to spend with me. And when he does come, he's tired. I've been here since Thurs late night. We've only slept together twice. I am used to having 3 to 4 rounds a day.

I'm a bit disappointed though. I want to spend more time with him. I know he has his kids to look after. Their momma is here also. She can look after them for one weekend. This is a reason why I don't want to mess with men who have children. But nowadays that's hard to find. Men can't seem to keep their seed from impregnating women. And women do not know anything about condomns or birth control. Anyway, I digress.

Granted Mel works late night. 10:30 pm to 7 am or so. He could just come straight to the hotel from work. Instead, he goes home, sleeps and then goes to work out. I don't get to see him until 1 to 2 pm. Then he's tired from working out.

I miss my Mel from NY. I don't think I will get him back. Is it time for me to give up on him? I could have had more fun in NY this weekend. I could've went to the beach.

Well I'm tired of bitching. But I do have a lot to think about. I don't know why I'm hung up on him. I will have to dig deep in my head as to why. That's another blog to come.

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